Recycled Diapers

So, I finally got the sewing machine out this weekend to fix the velcro tabs on some of our Kushies all-in-one diapers.  I got these very well loved diapers on Diaper Swappers for a song when I was pregnant with Liam.  These diapers had already had their waterproof covers replaced by the previous family’s dad by the time they got to me.

Well loved, rescued diapers.

They aren’t the prettiest diapers, but they fit Liam well and are as easy to use as disposables.  On some of the re-covered diapers, the velcro tabs were starting to come apart, which was a quick and easy fix.

Evan loves cloth diapers because they’re cheap.  I love them because they’re so much easier on the planet.  These re-loved diapers meet everyone’s needs.  Fix the tabs, save some bucks, keep them out of the trash.  Everyone’s happy!

I love recycling, reusing, and repurposing things, but especially baby things.  My obsessive watching of “16 and Pregnant” has led me to believe that it’s quite possible no one else buys anything used for their kids (except the Duggars … yeah, I watched a lot of bad TV during maternity leave).  I get a lot of satisfaction from keeping our child’s impact on the earth as low as we can, from saving money that would otherwise (literally) go in the trash, and opting out of the formal economy whenever I can.


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